The Chris Knight Team Presents “Twas The Week Before Christmas” Poem

Twas the week before Christmas and I am looking for a house
One with green shutters and not with a mouse.
A home with two bathrooms and bedrooms of four.
Home with new windows and  beautiful front door.
Looking, and looking, and looking I see,
that it’s time to call a realtor who’ll do the looking for me.
A great marketing plan they will present.
Then I no longer will have to pay rent.
I know who to call, who will do the job just right.
It’s the team at Coldwell Banker the team of Chris Knight.
So if you are looking and looking, and a home you can’t find.
Call the Chris Knight team to help ease your mind.
Soon you will look back and be happy you chose
this great team of realtors who worked hard up to close. 🙂

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