New Garage Restrictions Given the Green Light in Plymouth, MI

It’s official. Local Plymouth, MI government has now adopted new regulations on the size of garages in residential neighborhoods.

The city commission voted and approved on Monday to move forward on a second and final reading of the zoning ordinance changes with a a unanimous 6-0 ballot, Commissioner Dan Dalton being the only one not in attendance.Plymouth MI Listing by Kelly Knight Webster

Initially presented by the Plymouth Planning Commission, which had researched the issue for months prior, the proposal was driven by a number of complaints from area residents. The grievances stemmed from the thought that some of the large newer and remodeled garages have changed the look of neighboring yards as well as some of the city’s residential areas.

New Plymouth Zoning Rules for Garage Roof Height

Revisions will now limit the roof height of any new or recently remodeled garage as well as accessory buildings (such as a shed or barn) to 23 feet or 1.5 stories at its peak in residential-zoned areas. The minimum eave height will now be 7 feet for those structures and garage decks (including balconies) are now limited to 32 feet.

Pools and Accessory Structures IncludedPlymouth MI Homes with an Inground Pool

As an aside, all outdoor pools as well as hot tubs and saunas are to be considered accessory structures for the purposes of provisional definition.

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Servants’ Quarters? Not Anymore

The new revisions will also eliminate any and all language that previously permitted servants’ quarters to be present in garages. All homes will be limited to a max of 2 accessory structures and the total square footage of those structures cannot exceed 35 percent of the resident’s yard.

Also removed was an option that permitted taller accessory structures in cases where minimum side-yard requirements were exceeded. Previously, a resident was allowed to have these builds one foot in additional height (to a max of 5) for every foot of setback above the minimum. This will no longer be the case.

Big Foot Plymouth, MI Homes!

On a separate note, the Planning Commission will be reviewing the possibility of stricter zoning guidelines on the actual size and mass of Plymouth homes. This was spearheaded by complaints from local area residents who not-so-lovingly nicknamed the structures “big foot” homes. Results of that research are still pending.

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