“Fall” In Love With Your New Home

Home in the FallWe’ve all heard the stories of how Spring is the undisputed king of seasons when it comes to real estate, but, the tide may be turning. According to some new research including a recent ERA Real Estate Survey, home sales are beginning to see a serious upswing in Fall. The survey shows that about 40% of real estate professionals point at this season for a renewed focus on real estate.

Watch out Spring, there may be a new sheriff in town.

The Truth About Autumn

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Fall is seeing more and more real estate transactions close than in the past (or so we previously thought):

  1. Home Is Where the Holidays Are: As Summer goes to bed, Fall awakens with the spirit of the holidays in the air. This is what drives home buyers to find their dream home now as they look to celebrate with family and friends in their new abode. There’s just no better feeling than welcoming your loved ones into your brand spanking new home.
  2. Back-to-School = Back-to-Business: Kids being back-to-school usually steers everyone to a back-to-business mindset as well. The thought is that because “play time is over”, buyers begin to buckle down and start analyzing their goals they set earlier in the year. If they came one was a goal of a owning a new home and they have yet to really move forward on it, entering the second half of the year creates a serious urgency.
  3. Taxes Back: Fiscal-minded home buyers see the benefit of taking ownership now so they can reap the benefits next tax season. This includes being able to claim and write-off several things such as mortgage interest and even home energy efficiencies. This keeps more of their own money in their bank accounts and out of Uncle Sam’s hands. Well played.

Now’s the Time to Act

As we head into the Fall, it’s a great time to find your new home and get settled in before the holiday season. For home sellers, the market is clearly heating up even as the temps outside begin to cool down. Whether you’re ready to buy or sell, contact us and let’s to moving!

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