Yes! You Can Sell Your Michigan Home This Winter—Here’s How

Don’t let cold weather and snow deter you from selling your home this winter. sell your home in winterJust because the temperatures have dropped and the days are getting shorter, doesn’t mean you can’t be highly successful in selling your home. In fact, according to this study by Redfin, you might get a higher asking price than in spring or summer!

Why Winter Home Selling is Successful

During the winter, especially in Michigan when the cold weather and snow are in full-force, the real estate market slows down. Fewer buyers are willing to venture out into the cold to tour homes, so fewer buyers are looking. However, those that are looking are usually highly motivated to buy, not simply browsing.

On the flip side, there are also fewer sellers listing their homes, which means less competition for you and fewer options for those ready-to-close buyers.

How to Successfully Sell in Winter

Winter home selling is different from any other season. Very few buyers will venture out into the cold to tour homes withoutcozy living room fireplacefirst taking a close look at homes on the Internet. Those that do brave the cold for a tour are serious buyers—and expect to be impressed. Here’s what that means for you:

Your Online Photos Really Matter

The professional photography package will more than pay off. And it would probably behoove you to provide as much detail about your home’s features and location as you can. Really sell that buyer and draw them out to see your home in person.

Your Curb Appeal Has to Rock

Make sure your driveway and walkways are clear of ice and snow, giving buyers plenty of room to park and a safe passage to your front door. A new door mat, freshly-painted front door and new doorknob, and even a tasteful winter wreath can all add to your curb

Your House Must Be Inviting, Warm, and Welcoming

Make buyers want to stay in your home by creating an environment of coziness and warmth. Keep your lighting bright, turn the thermostat up a few degrees, or light a fire in the fireplace. Soft-scented potpourri or a candle can bring warm winter smells into the home. And it never hurts to offer treats like warm cookies, tea, or hot chocolate.

Ready to Successfully Sell Your Michigan Home This Winter?

If you’re thinking of selling a home in Plymouth, Canton, Novi, or Northville, then it’s time to contact The Knight Team. We are your local home selling expert realtors, and we can help you learn more about selling a home in Plymouth, Canton, Novi, or Northville, list your home at the right price, and even stage your home for winter selling success. Don’t wait—let’s start today.

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