These Simple Yet Effective Home Improvements Really Pay Off

best ways to improve your home value Considering selling your home in Michigan this year but thinking it might need some updates or improvements to really get the money you want for it? Upgrading, renovating, or improving your home can definitely pay off—but not all updates yield the same return on investment when it comes time to sell! Here are some simple home improvements that can really add value to your home.

Small Changes Go a Long Way

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences! Freshening up small details of your home, like replacing
light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and even cabinet hardware or doorknobs can really improve the interior appearance of your home.luxurious living room in beautiful michigan homeFor an added bonus, stick to a central theme or style, and opt for energy efficient fixtures to really wow buyers.

Repaint Interior Rooms

Refreshing your paint can make rooms seem newer, cleaner, and brighter. Additionally, replacing bright, dark, or overly vivid colors with neutrals or beiges can help depersonalize your home—and removes the risk of turning off buyers who don’t agree with your color or decor choices.

Improve Your Landscaping

When it comes to selling a home, curb appeal is key! After all, if a buyer doesn’t like the outside, they probably aren’t going to come inside to see more. You don’t have to be a master gardener to add some appeal to your front yard. Reseeding your lawn and keeping up with the mowing, planting a few bright-colored flowers, trimming shrubs, hedges, and overhanging trees, or planting a tree, can all add tremendous value and appeal to your home.beautiful home with good curb appeal

Freshen Up Your Siding

Curb appeal doesn’t stop at the yard. Give the exterior of your home some love and attention, too. This can sometimes be as simple as powerwashing your siding or shingles, cleaning out your gutters, and replacing any broken or missing shutters. If your siding is particularly dingy or dulled, you might want to consider a fresh coat of paint, or replacing it with new vinyl siding all together.

Refinish or Replace Old Flooring

Old, worn, or dingy carpets can really make a room look drab or even dirty. Consider a professional cleaning or a complete replacement. If you really want to add some value, replace your carpet with hardwood flooring. And if you already have hardwoods, refinish them for a home improvement project with one of the best returns on investment.

Complete Partial Renovations

new stove in renovated kitchenReally need to give your home some attention? You don’t need to go all out—sometimes minor or partial renovations focused on one area can make a big difference. For example, recaulking or replacing your bathtub, upgrading your tile, and updating your fixtures can equal as much as a 102% ROI. In the kitchen, resurfacing cabinets and countertops, updating appliances, and adding a new sink and fixtures are all big-payoff projects.

Thinking of Selling Your Michigan Home This Year?

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