How to Beat the Competition & Sell Your Home During the Busy Spring Season

Spring is here! And as the weather here in Michigan starts to get warmer and the days longer, more and more buyers will be starting their search for the perfect home. What does that mean if you’re thinking of selling your home? Now is the time to list! But before you jump right in and put your home on the market, make sure you’re ready for the busy season—and the competition that comes with increased numbers of sellers.

Here are some tips for making your home shine out from the competition so you sell your home quickly and for the greatest possible amount of money.

Use Some DIY Fixes to Add Value to Your Home

home with beautiful curb appealSometimes, adding value to your home can be as simple (and cheap) as clearing the snow, leaves, and dirt off your driveway and walkway, replacing a few hanging shutters or broken shingles, painting your door, or updating your mailbox.

Take some time to finish all your home-improvement projects you’ve been meaning to get to, and focus on simple ways you can make your home look its best.

Price Your Home to SELL

Sold house sign in Midwest suburban setting. Focus on sign.One of the most important aspects to selling a home (especially if you’re trying to sell quickly while maximizing profits) is finding the right price at which to list it initially. There are lots of tools you can use to get an idea of that right price, like a neighborhood sold report, which tells you about recent sale prices in your neighborhood, or a current home search, which shows you the prices at which your neighbors are currently listing their homes.

The best way to find that perfect price, though, is to request a full home analysis from your local Realtor. A full analysis will take into account the exact details of your home, including any renovations, repairs, improvements, or upgrades you’ve completed.

Stage Your Home to Wow Your Buyers

Living room in luxury homeNow that you’ve finished your repair projects and found the right price for your home, it’s time to get it ready to show. Start by removing clutter (throwing out lingering junk, donating clothes, emptying out overstuffed closets, storage areas, and garages, selling or giving away extra furniture). Then, deep clean your home until every nook and cranny sparkles.

Start to stage your home by removing any personalized decor, decorations, or personalizations—make your home into a generic model home anyone could imagine buying. Work with your Realtor or a professional stager to make your home welcoming and showcase its best features.

Market Your Home to Reach the Greatest Number of Buyers

couple searching homes onlineNowadays, buyers are starting their searches online, which means your home has got to have a strong online presence. After your home is sparkling-clean and staged like a catalogue model home, it’s time to take professional-grade photos that will make your home shine out from the rest before your buyers even set foot out their front doors.

When listing a home, make sure you work with a Realtor with strong marketing skills to ensure that your home utilizes every possible means of reaching buyers. This will ensure that the right buyer find your home quickly and pays the right price.

Ready to Find Your Realtor & Get Started?

happy home selling coupleIf you’re looking for a real estate agent in Plymouth, Canton, Northville, or Novi who will help you out with home improvements, stage your home like a pro, and market your home to target the greatest number of buyers possible, then it’s time to contact The Knight Team. We’ve got all the tools and resources you need to sell your Michigan home—quickly, and for the maximum amount of money.

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