Archives: November 2017

Millennials and Real Estate

The largest generation in American history is about to move into its prime spending years. They are poised, they want to reshape the economy and they have unique experiences, which will change the way we buy and sell, forcing companies to deeper examine how they conduct business. Sorry Baby Boomers but I’m talking about Millennials […]

Real Estate Update – November 2017

Winter is approaching and real estate agents are anticipating a slowdown in transactions as both buyers and sellers prepare for the holiday season. However, with the housing market firing on all cylinders, experts predict the market will hold strong in the coming months but still warn buyers will be faced with challenges. This year, the […]

Hiring a Home Contractor? Read this first!

The Many Types of Home Contractors Home improvement professionals vary. Who you hire will depend largely on the size and complexity of your project. What follows is a brief description of the different contractors who do work for homeowners: General contractors: They manage all facets of the project, including hiring and supervising subcontractors, obtaining building […]