Saving for Your Down Payment During the Holidays

Saving money can be hard, but if the end goal is a new home to call your own, it can be so worth it. With the holidays coming up, it might be hard to save money for yourself, but with a few of our tips you may be able to have a very fun and exciting holiday without breaking the bank.

Make a Budget: Before having a gift exchange with any friends, make sure you set a price limit that you both are comfortable with on gifts. With that in mind, you can get your friends awesome presents that still fit within your expected price range.

Home Cook Meals: With family and friends in town for the holidays, it might be tempting to take them to all of your favorite restaurants, but preparing a home cooked meal for them can be a more thoughtful and cost effective way to spend the evening.

Hand-Crafted Gifts: Some of the most thoughtful and creative gifts you can give can be made right at home! Look up some cool DIY projects and create your friends some unique masterpieces. No amount of money could top a gift that comes straight from the heart.

Stay in for NYE: Though it is fun to celebrate with a night out on New Year’s Eve, staying in can be just as fun! Get together with a few friends to have some drinks and snacks while you watch the ball drop. This will save you money on cover, drinks, rides, and a late night meal.

Have a Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Having a Secret Santa exchange with a group of friends can save everyone time and money when it comes to buying presents. Instead of having to buy a present for every one of your friends, each person can buy for someone else adding a fun surprise to the holidays.

Avoid Vacations: Put off the trip to warm weather for one more cold season and it could add up to be enough for you to save up to your goal. Big trips can be very expensive, and you can find many ways to have fun at home for a small price.

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