How to Achieve Your 2018 Homeownership Goals

While New Year’s may just seem like a simple calendar change for many, others believe the new year is special for a reason because it’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and focus on creating the life you truly want. For many homeowners specifically, their living spaces become a part of their goals and resolutions for the new year. However, putting these aspirations into action is much more difficult than we’d like it to be. Deciding on a first step and pushing yourself to make it happen, is where so many people get stuck.

Read our top tips for putting your new year homeownership resolutions into action!

1. Write down your goals-

  1. Set a timer for 3 minutes, and write down every dream that comes to mind for your home. Don’t limit yourself – just go for it and allow yourself to freely brainstorm. Anything from building a new addition, redoing the master bathroom, planting new flowers in the garden, or even simply cleaning the gutters more regularly are completely valid goals. Maybe you even want to sell your house! Whether you want to improve your home or move on to a new one, jot down your ideas.

2. Prioritize your goals based on impact-

  1. Which are the most important to you? Your spouse, your family? Why? Which goals will have the most positive impact on the household?

3. Prioritize your goals based on budget-

  1. Which can you reasonably afford in the next 3 months? The next 6 months? This year? When considering cost, keep both finances and time in mind.

4. Research next steps-

  1. Once you’ve chosen your top goals and prioritized them, it’s time to research how to achieve them. This is the most important tip! Start with just one goal and write down as many steps as you can that are necessary in achieving the goal. Assign due dates to each step and share it with someone who can help you and keep you accountable.

On the journey to any goal there are plenty of ups and downs, landmarks and setbacks. Homeownership is not just part of the American dream of freedom and independence, but it’s also a way for people to improve their long-term financial security.  Your best bet is to sit down and build a personal plan to achieve you or your family’s homeownership and financial goals. Then begin to take action so that you can achieve those goals.

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