What BIG Storage From a Small Closet?

Your closet is the most underutilized but most important space in your entire home! Yet, time and time again you go to open your sliding closet doors just to be reminded how little of space you have for your belongings. Even after you’ve vacuum–sealed your off-season clothes, there never seems to be enough room. So what can you do about this? What are your options?

While it may be a tough task, organizing a small closet is a possibility. In fact, by utilizing every inch of vertical space, you can create a closet that is not only mess-free, but functional. Luckily, I’ve come up with a few creative ideas that will put every inch of closet space to work. So don’t panic!

  1. What a small closet lacks in width it can make up for in vertical space. Embrace double hanging to give yourself twice the amount of hanging room for clothes. If you want to take things a step further, staggered rods will give you even more space and give you room for long-hanging items like dresses.
  2. The space freed up by double or staggered hanging creates the perfect spot for shelving. Install shelves directly above the hanging rods and use them for stacking sweaters, shoe boxes, etc.
  3. Every inch of space in a small closet is prime real estate for storage, including the door! Hang hooks on the back of your closet door for scarves, necklaces, or the next day’s outfit .
  4. The sides of your closet are also great places to incorporate more storage. Slide-out belt and tie racks attach to the side panels of the closet and hold multiple items without taking away precious space for shelves and hanging.
  5. Replace closet doors with curtains. Soft curtains open wider than doors, giving you a bit of extra room and saving wall space where the door would swing. It may not seem like much, but even a few inches can make a big difference in how a small closet functions.

Square footage isn’t the be-all and end-all of closet storage space. With just a touch of creativity and organization, even a small closet can feel spacious!

Bonus tip: Donate excess clothing!
It’s hard to part with the pieces of clothing we love, but what about the pieces that you just don’t wear? Many of us have a sweater or two that never quite fit our style but we keep holding onto them out of obligation or nostalgia. Donate them to a local charity in your neighborhood and help a person in need!

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