Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

After watching hours of home improvement and DIY shows on TV, you’re ready to call yourself a pro and jump into your first renovation project…right? Well, I hate to break it to ya but it’s a good thing you’re reading this because you’re far from being a professional…just like the majority of us. As many homeowners have found out over the years, it’s not as easy as it appears on TV. Diving headfirst into these projects without the proper knowledge often leads to some pretty costly mistakes. If you’re thinking about embarking on a home renovation journey, then I highly suggest reading our most common home renovation mistakes to avoid!

1. Rushing into your project.

Develop a good plan, price it, then work and rework it. Half of the battle is thinking through your project fully and knowing what you’re exactly looking to accomplish. It’s easy to underestimate the time, costs, potential setbacks that come with even the smallest home improvement project. Some initial preparation and planning can help keep your expectations more realistic. The more time spent detailing the work beforehand, the less likely there will be misunderstandings. This is also a good time to check with your insurance agent to determine whether your policy will change or additional coverage is needed during and after the renovation.

2. Choosing a Short-Lived Design.

You’ve probably taken on a renovation project because you want an updated style and while you’d like to give your home a modern look, choosing a short-lived style or personal design can be a major fail. While a trendy design is sure to make your home stand out, it can also go out of style quickly. This is a big problem if you want to resell your home in the future. Modernize the look of your home, but avoid bold styles that only appeal to those with specific tastes.

3. Forgetting the permits.

Believe it or not, many home improvement jobs require a permit, even simple ones you do yourself. So remain on the safe side and assume you will construction permit before you start a remodeling project. Forgoing the permit could cause problems when it’s time to sell your home.

4. Mixing up the measurements.

They saying, “measure twice, cut once” must have originated from someone doing a home improvement project. From the square footage of a floor to the size of a fixture or appliance, if you are off even by a small amount, you can lose time and drive project expenses. However, if measuring your space is a true challenge, you may need to hire a contractor to get it right the first time.

5. Hiring the wrong person for the job…including yourself!

This brings us to the most important point: If a job is too tough to do yourself, don’t be afraid to hire a professional. It’s always a good idea to have some professionals on call to help should the need arise. The contractor should at least be licensed in your state and you should check for client references, customer reviews and always remember to research past jobs before hiring. Make sure that the contractor is thorough when making an estimate and open to communication so that you can achieve the desired outcome for your project without going over budget.

Bonus Advice: Before taking on a project yourself, make sure that you’re 100% confident that you can finish the job correctly on your own. If not, you will save time and money by hiring a licensed contractor.

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