Curb Appeal on a Budget!

Do you want to make your home beautiful inside and out? Most savvy homeowners know that curb appeal is a key element when trying to make a great first impression on potential buyers or guests as they pull up and park at…well…your curb. But if the prospect of painting your whole house or landscaping your yard seems too pricey, never fear because there are plenty of ways to create high-impact curb appeal on budget.

Check out these ideas that require little investment time but pay off big-time down the road.

Give your door a face lift

The first thing on your to-do list should be the front entrance of your home. A front door that stands out of the rest of the house could get anyone’s attention and thus should be used to greet any prospective buyers. Besides being the easiest way to give your house some instant curb appeal, there are numerous color options for you to choose from. For instance, a deep red color gives your house the impression of a welcoming and joyful atmosphere. Bright yellow on the other hand adds more sophistication and elegance to the feel of your house…the options are endless!

BONUS: Did you know that there’s even an app that allows you to see what your house would look like with a new front door color of your choice? Check out the Front Door Paint app, here.

Replace house numbers

Replace your home’s street numbers with a bold and larger version can create an enormous positive impact. You can stencil them yourself or purchase large vinyl or metal numbers to match your aesthetic. Big numbers lend a creative look that draws potential buyer’s eyes and makes your home hard to forget.

Makeover the mailbox

If you have a mailbox, it can be a great way to accent your house and add a little touch of personality. If you’re going to replace the box, pick one that mimics the style and trim of the house. You also have the option of dressing up a mail box by painting the post to match the house’s exterior color, or you can surround it with flowers or other plants.

Upgrade Your Lighting

From light fixtures to the bulbs themselves, odds are you haven’t revamped your home’s exterior lighting. It’s strongly suggested to find fixtures that match the exterior look of your home. It’s also a great idea to invest in more bright and energy-efficient bulbs. In addition, consider cleaning out any recessed lighting you may have outside. You can find light fixtures at big box stores, home improvement stores, and even thrift stores and garage sales.

Quick changes by

  • Plant a tree. Make sure you know how large the tree will grow first, but planting a tree adds to your curb appeal for as low as $20.
  • Build a tree bench. Already have a tree you love in your front yard? Build a wraparound tree bench. Great for napping, picnicking, or just hiding exposed roots, a tree bench will just cost what you spend on boards and screws.
  • Install flower boxes. For around $20 each, flower boxes are a quick way to add some life and color to your house windows. If you don’t want to worry about installing flower boxes, try out a container garden in pots by your front porch.

Hide eyesores. Place a small lattice fence or side of paneling around your air conditioner to avoid an appliance eyesore, and hide your trash bins behind a small fence or by building a garbage can shed. You can also hide your hose in a pot or storage bin.

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