6 Quick Fixes to Cool Your Home Without Breaking the Bank on Air Conditioning

I think it is safe to say most people look forward to the summer months for barbecuing, laying out by the pool, shopping at the farmers market, or whatever it may be. However, sometimes the warm weather does not make up for the hundreds of dollars going towards your dreadful monthly air conditioning bill. Little did you know, you can get the benefits of air conditioning, without the exponential costs. This summer, use these quick fixes to keep your home cool without breaking the bank.
1. Close Your Blinds
Exposed windows during the day can give off up to 30% of unwanted heat. You can save up to 7% on your A/C bill and lower the temperature of your home by up to 20% simply by closing your blinds. You can also invest in blackout curtains which will block sunlight and naturally insulate the rooms in which they are placed. Keep in mind… a medium colored blackout curtain with a white plastic backing can reduce heat gain by 33%!
2. Capitalize on Cool Nights
This may seem like a rather obvious tip, but cracking a window or door wall before you go to bed is a quick fix and can make an incredible difference on the temperature of your home. The cool, fresh air can easily circulate your home while also helping you fall asleep more quickly and get a better night’s sleep.
3. Change Your Sheets
It is no secret that in the winter months, most people run to their fleece sheets and heavy blankets to keep them warm and cozy at night. When it comes to summer, opt for cotton sheets to better suit the warm weather and keep you from those horrible middle-of-the-night hot flashes we all experience. Cotton tends to breathe easier and stay cooler throughout the night, leaving you with cool, sweat-free nights.
4. Adjust Your Ceiling Fans
Most people are unaware that you should adjust your ceiling fans seasonally. During the summer months, rotate your ceiling fans counter-clockwise at a higher speed than usual. This will create more of a wind chill effect by forcing the room’s air downwards, keeping you and your guests cooler.
5. Reduce Lighting
The more lights you have on in your home, the higher the temperature will be. Most of instinctually walk into a room and automatically turn on our overhead or ceiling lights. In the summer months, try using other alternatives like natural light during the day or LED lamps to reduce the heat and make your home more comfortable.
6. Hack Your Fan
One great way to create cold, refreshing air and circulation throughout your home without spending an arm and a leg requires only two things: a fan and a bowl of ice. Place the bowl of ice in front of the fan. The fan will pick up the cold air and blow it outwards, fighting off the heat. To get a larger amount of cold air picked up, tilt the bowl slightly towards the fan.

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