Four Michigan Suburbs Rank Among the Best to Live in America

The website recently compiled a list of 2018’s Best Suburbs to Live in America and ranked them according to cost of living, school quality, crime rates, home prices, employment, and amenity access, among other measures.

We’re excited to announce that FOUR Michigan suburbs have been selected among the best to live in America! And yes…you read that correctly…FOUR Michigan suburbs have been selected among the best to live in America!

Find out where they are below…

#8 Birmingham, MI
Birmingham ranks #8 in the nation and is the best suburb to live in Michigan. Birmingham is great because the city is not too big nor too small, and is very close to many places such as Detroit. It’s a beautifully groomed area with some of the nicest real estate and schools in Michigan. There is no shortage of good food, shopping, and entertainment, including two cinemas. Visitors can stay at theTownsend Hotel, the best hotel in the state outside of those in Detroit. You can feel the sense of close community while walking around downtown Birmingham. There are also a lot of family owned businesses in Birmingham, which makes it interesting to shop because you have a wide variety of options. It is truly a great place to live and raise a family.

  • Population: 20,653
  • Median Home Value: $439,000
  • Median Household Income: $112,545
  • Crime & Safety Grade: B+


#10 Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor ranks #10 in the nation and is Michigan’s second-best suburb to live in. Ann Arbor is one of the most well-maintained cities in Michigan. It’s a lively city with a small-town feel. Having the University of Michigan down the street creates endless opportunities for concerts, events, and night life. The philanthropic scene is booming, and small businesses are everywhere! The community is very diverse and has some of the best restaurants around! You need to check out; Taste Kitchen,Frita BatidosSava’sAventura, and Slurping Turtle. Other Ann Arbor staples that you’ll want to visit are, of course, Michigan Stadium, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, and the Michigan Theatre. All-in-all, everyone here is happy and excited about life, passionate about this city and very environmentally-conscious and involved in the community. It is a truly wonderful place.

  • Population: 118,087
  • Median Home Value: $250,200
  • Median Household Income: $57,697
  • Crime & Safety Grade: B-


#17 Beverly Hills, MI
Beverly Hills ranks #17 on’s best suburbs to live in America and is the third best suburb within Michigan. Beverly Hills is a safe, welcoming neighborhood in a community with great schools and local businesses. Well-maintained roads make it easy to travel in and around town. This suburb is not far from the Detroit, which makes for a shorter commute time to downtown Detroit and experiencing its vibrant nightlife. Also, for recreational purposes, there are many sports clubs and shopping centers. The city is in close proximity to downtown Birmingham makes for a perfect reason to visit Beverly Hills.

  • Population: 10,450
  • Median Home Value: $320,200
  • Median Household Income: $108,214
  • Crime & Safety Grade: B+


#40 East Grand Rapids, MI
East Grand Rapids ranks #40 on’s best suburbs to live in America, and is the fourth best suburb within Michigan. East Grand Rapids is a very small, close-knit community in which everyone knows everyone else. The support for the community is tremendous; seeing the whole town go to a football game or set up and run a 5k race IS truly amazing. While housing prices are on the high-end, there are no major landfills, or environmentally dangerous factories or plants. Also, the high visibility of police in East Grand Rapids makes for a very low crime rate.

  • Population: 11,297
  • Median Home Value: $303,400
  • Median Household Income: $118,393
  • Crime & Safety Grade: A-

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